Goodbye NESA

Goodbye to the Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA). The idea and intentions behind NESA where good but it failed due to the lack of commitment and support by the community.

Let us rise from the ashes and push competitive gaming in Namibia!

Official statement:

[important]At our monthly management meeting last night, at which a quorum of the board, as well as a quorum of NESA members was present, it was decided that NESA be dissolved with immediate effect. The reasons for this are as follows:

– Due to some members of the board performing their tasks very poorly or simply not at all, NESA was unable to meet the requirements / deadlines for hosting the leagues. It got to the point where we had to cancel the league for Tekken, since the people delegated with certain tasks were simply not getting them done. Running something of this magnitude is difficult when board members, past and present both included, simply do not pull their weight.

– Also, interest and input from the community has been at an all-time low this year. While this is understandable, since NESA has not always been able to meet promises made or make enough things happen in the past, it’s very disappointing that so little of you have shown any kind of interest. Everyone always has something to say about the way NESA should be run, but when it comes to the actual doing, no-one is prepared to put up their hands.

Unfortunately it has gotten to the point where NESA can simply no longer carry on as it has been and we have had to make this very difficult decision.

To those of you have made positive inputs during the past few years, a very big thank you. I won’t thank you in person, since I won’t be able to remember everyone, but please know that your work is greatly appreciated. We are sorry that it could not bear more fruit.

A special mention of thanks to Kai Eyßelein, who has put more time and effort into NESA than anyone else, for the endless hours of dedication, without whom NESA would never have gotten as far as it did.

To those of you who actually made the effort of registering for NESA membership this year, you will be contacted in order to be given a refund of your membership fees.

This is Johan signing out on behalf of NESA.[/important]

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StarCraft II 1v1 IeSF NESA Namibia Qualifiers 2012 Registration [Update]

[important] [Update: 17.07.2012]

The NESA group has disbanded and thus registration with NESA is no longer required. This is also no longer a qualifier for the IeSF. A trip to Korea can no longer be won. Namibian colours are also not awarded.[/important]

Here are all the details for registration. Hurry up, not much time left! Remember you can win Namibia colors and a paid trip to Korea to participate at the IeSF. Namibia fighting!

If you have problems of any kind please don’t hesitate to contact us. [email protected]

1. Register as a player with NESA:
2. Register with NESA to participate in the StarCraft II Tournement:
3. Register at
4. Enter StarCraft 2 Nick#code (e.g. TheRogue#727) at
5. Sign up at
5. Sign up at
6. In the 20 minutes before the cup’s starting time, check-in at

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StarCraft II 1v1 IeSF NESA Namibia Qualifiers 2012 [Update]

[notice][Update 17.07.2012]

Since NESA disbanded, this tournament is no longer an official IeSF qualifer and NESA membership is not required.

Registration details:[/notice]

The HwC Clan is proud to administer and present the StarCraft II 1v1 IeSF NESA Namibia Qualifiers 2012.

Two qualifiers will be hosted where the top 8 players of each will participate in the finals. The winner of the finals will get sponsored a trip to South-Korea to represent Namibia in the IeSF.

The first three places are awarded with medals and Namibian colour. Any NESA member can participate but only Namibian citizenship holders will get to represent Namibia at the IeSF in South-Korea.


This tournament required at least 8 players to be signed up by 21 July 2012. So don’t hesitate and register today.

Qualifier 1: 28 July 20012 20:00 WAT
Qualifier2: 11 August 2012 20:00 WAT
Finals: 25 August 2012 20:00 WAT

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The Best Two Weeks

Left to right: OomJan, pointeggs, bliXim and SnotKan0n

My (OomJan) trip to Namibia was the best holiday I ever had. Sadly two weeks is way to short. I would like to thank all my friends who made my visit like a two week return home party. Everybody can have friends but nobody has these friends. Don’t know what I would have done without them. I hope they return the favour and come to Germany now. 🙂

I was used to be playing on the the European server from Germany with no lag. Now I know what handicaps these guys have. Any micro has to be predicted to be able to survive. Hopefully the new optical cable on the bottom of the ocean will help. I would also like to thank Telkom for making the internet experience a unique one. To timeout or not to timeout. I still wonder where most of my packets went.

Special thanks to pointeggs and bliXim for picking me up the airport. What a welcoming committee and extra special thank for pointeggs having the duty to return the Oom back to the Windhoek airport. Extra bonus special thanks go to SnotKan0n and his wife for letting me stay there at their beautiful home. ♥

btw, pointeggs, we still have to finish out Best of 21. Current standing 7:1 for the Oom.

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The Oom is coming to Namibia!

I have made arrangements to come to Namibia in May 2012. During may stay from 12.05.2012 and 25.05.2012 I will be drinking all of your Tafel Lager (Best Beer there is!).

I will be landing in Windhoek where my good friend pointeggs and possible bliXim and snotKan0n will be picking me up and then go camping. During most of my stay I will be in Swakopmund. If you like to grab a drink, have a braai on a dune or make a LAN, count me in! =D

For more details, I have set up the event here:

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Namibian Star Cup (NSC) #1 Completed

The first Namibian Star Cup completed. The turnout for the cup was very low with only two Namibians playing. So cYanIDE and pointeggs fought immediately in the final. In a best of 5 cYanIDE won with a clean 3:0.

I hope for the future of this cup that more people will attend it. Namibia fighting!

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Namibian Star Cup #1

The [HwC] Clan is proud to announce the first Namibian Star Cup in StarCraft II. We hope to make this a monthly event to prove to the world and ourselves that we, here in Namibia, are serious about gaming. There is nothing to win at this cup except honour and recognition. I (OomJan) will of course be casting the finals again just like I did at the WCG qualifiers. So if you are a Namibian gamer, join use this coming Saturday (31.03.2012) on Playhem at 17:00 GMT+01. All games will be played on the European servers. Join channel “NSC” in game for some socializing.

Tournament link:

If you have any questions or require more information. Please contact me at [email protected]

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[HwC] Coastal Lan 03.2012

When: 09.03.2012-11.03.2012
Location: Rössmund Golf Club, Swakopmund, Namibia

Personally I would like to thank:

Peter Louw (Rossmund Golf Club) for allowing us to play at the most awesome venue ever.

Matthew Smit for finding the best venue ever and advertising the Lan.

Corne van der Westhuizen & Walt van Staden (My wingmen) for supplying an uber 48port switch and helping with the layout and cabling of the Lan and also setting up a projector and live streaming of matches.

Dwaine Saunderson for helping me with the comp. config for COD Promod 2.11.

Jonathan Steinbach for fixing the Punkbuster problem in the server.
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Heat Charity Tournament 2012 Gallery

When: 04.02.2012
Location CK-99 – The Next Level Lounge, Berlin, Germany

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Looking for writers/reporter

We are looking for writers/reporters that can write about the local gaming scene and events. You think you have the linguistic ability and time to do so, then message us: [email protected]

We are looking forward to working with you.

Kevin ‘OomJan’ Gardthausen

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