About Us

Who are you guys?

Africa with Namibia highlighted.

HwC is a computer gaming clan in Swakopmund Namibia. We have been around since 2000 and are probably the oldest still active clan here.
We were originally a Quake 3 Arena clan but we have crossed the horizon (noclip) of q3dm6 and stepped into many games including StarCraft II, Call of Duty and many more.

We are amateurs players with an affinity for fairness and fun.

Check us out on Liquipedia: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Handle_with_Care_(clan)

What games do you play?

We started off with Quake 3 Arena and we now basically play any game. Currently popular is StarCraft II, Call of Duty 4, Counter-Strike: Source and Quake Live.

WTH? You guys have internet there?

Internet started in Namibia around 1996 with ISDN added in 1998. Till ADSL came in 2007 there were no flat rates for internet (at least not payable by private people (USD 25.000 per month (2mbit))). Many use the mobile network (3G) to browse and even play online.

We play StarCraft II on the European battle.net.

Can we challenge you?

Namibia Coat of Arms

Namibia Coat of Arms

Sure, as long as the latency is not too high. We play on South African server hosted in Cape Town or Johannesburg.

Are there more clans in Namibia?

Yes of course. Check them out over here: https://www.hwc-clan.com/fellow-clans/

Can you tell me more about Namibia?

Here some links with additional information.
Namibia Tourism
Living Desert Tours(Guided tours)

Map of Namibia

Map of Namibia


Please enjoy your stay at the HwC clan!

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Fellow Clans

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