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James Raynor (Action Figure (Blizzard))

Filling out this form will not make you a HwC member. We will take your application under review and may contact your for information as required. You should receive an answer within 7 days.

Basic Requirements

  • Namibian passport holder
  • Permanent residence in Namibia

PDF forms are required for new members below the age of 18. If you are 18 or older please use the online form.

Membership Fees Form 2013-2014
Membership Fees Form 2013-2014
Membership Fees Form 2013-2014.pdf
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Membership Cancelation Form
Membership Cancelation Form
Membership Cancelation Form.pdf
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Accept Code of Conduct (CoC)

I am older then 16 or have written permission
from parents or legal guardian.


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