The Best Two Weeks

Left to right: OomJan, pointeggs, bliXim and SnotKan0n

My (OomJan) trip to Namibia was the best holiday I ever had. Sadly two weeks is way to short. I would like to thank all my friends who made my visit like a two week return home party. Everybody can have friends but nobody has these friends. Don’t know what I would have done without them. I hope they return the favour and come to Germany now. 🙂

I was used to be playing on the the European server from Germany with no lag. Now I know what handicaps these guys have. Any micro has to be predicted to be able to survive. Hopefully the new optical cable on the bottom of the ocean will help. I would also like to thank Telkom for making the internet experience a unique one. To timeout or not to timeout. I still wonder where most of my packets went.

Special thanks to pointeggs and bliXim for picking me up the airport. What a welcoming committee and extra special thank for pointeggs having the duty to return the Oom back to the Windhoek airport. Extra bonus special thanks go to SnotKan0n and his wife for letting me stay there at their beautiful home. ♥

btw, pointeggs, we still have to finish out Best of 21. Current standing 7:1 for the Oom.

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  1. good post kevin, you should send us the photo’s buddy

  2. 1.690 photos or 11,6GB 🙂 I will probably select a few and put them on facebook or dropbox.

  3. where’s my shirt? LOL

  4. Bernhard Frankenfeld, Corne Kotze still has your shirt. Ask him when he comes back from his Caprivi holiday.

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