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NamLAN 2015 was a huge success

NamLAN 2015 was a huge success, with a record number of over 60 PC games battling it out for those number 1 titles in each game. Herewith are the results: Fifa15 1st Polly Kaulinge 2nd Tristan Meyer Dota2 1st FS (Fancy Squad) Jaco Hyman, Ezee Viljoen, Jess De Pao, Mauro Teles, Paul Bingel 2nd Hwc-A …

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NamLAN 2015 is upon us!

NamLAN 2015

Visit http://www.namlan.org/ for registration details. glhf!

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NamLAN 2012 Conclusion

HwC NamLAN 2012 Crew

HwC has been humbled by the Windhoekers. We suffered defeats in both COD and CSS. We did however play what was broadly known by everyone to be the two strongest clans in Namibia in our first two matches, and had this not been the case we would probably have brought home a bronze. Main thing …

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Wishing HwC players all the best at NamLAN 2012

HwC is going to NamLAN 2012 – The LAN of the brave. We wish all our players the best of luck and many wins.   http://www.namlan.org/

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