[ClanWar 2013] Game 2 MackyBoi (T) vs HwCbliXim (T)

ClanWar 2013 – HwC vs AuRa

Casted by FuzzyOne (http://en.twitch.tv/fuzzyonescii)

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[ClanWar 2013] Game 1 HwCPapaTerra (T) vs MackyBoi (T)

ClanWar 2013 – HwC vs AuRa

Game 1: HwCPapaTerra (T) vs MackyBoi (T)

Casted by FuzzyOne (http://en.twitch.tv/fuzzyonescii)

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Do Gaming League Summer 2013

Do Gaming LeagueHere are all the matches and tables concerning HwC players.

For the entire League please visit the DGL website:

StarCraft II 1v1 Second Division: http://www.dogamingleague.co.za/stage.php?id=526
StarCraft II 2v2: http://www.dogamingleague.co.za/stage.php?id=529

OomJan makes the play-offs for first division. 2v2 Team BokBefok makes the premier play-offs.

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Do Gaming League 2013

Do Gaming LeagueHwC is taking part in the Do Gaming League 2013 this year. Representing HwC in the league are pointeggs, WollKnoll, and OomJan.

StarCraft II 1v1: http://www.dogamingleague.co.za/stage.php?id=493
StarCraft II 2v2: http://www.dogamingleague.co.za/stage.php?id=501

Clan profile. http://www.dogamingleague.co.za/clan/hwc

glhf to all our players. Namibia fighting!

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NamLAN 2012 Conclusion

HwC NamLAN 2012 Crew

HwC NamLAN 2012 Crew

HwC has been humbled by the Windhoekers.

We suffered defeats in both COD and CSS. We did however play what was broadly known by everyone to be the two strongest clans in Namibia in our first two matches, and had this not been the case we would probably have brought home a bronze.

Main thing is, we came down to Windhoek and showed our support for Namlan. We will return next year and hopefully next time we will have 3 teams and much more hours of CSS and COD behind our names.

Thanks guys, I think we did well, we just need some decent strats!


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Wishing HwC players all the best at NamLAN 2012

HwC is going to NamLAN 2012 – The LAN of the brave. We wish all our players the best of luck and many wins.



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HwCOomJan got his Platinum

I get my Platinum promotion and I am really happy.

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ESL HwC Cup Completed

The ESL HwC cup has completed. Cup 2 and the finals where cancelled due to lack of support and interest.

Here are the results

1. wern
2. HwCpointeggs
3. HwCbliXim

A big thanks to the 3 players who made an effort to participate. A extra big thanks go out to the ESL and the admins ThRogue and Patrick for helping and creating the cup on the ESL.


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[HwC LAN 2012] HwCbliXim vs HwCSnotKan0n 21.07.2012 (Afrikaans/English cast)

Casted Live in Afrikaans/English at a LAN in Swakopmund, Namibia.

This was just for fun as my Afrikaans speaking is really terrible. 🙂

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ESL HwC StarCraft II Qualifer 1 Cup – 28.07.2012

ESL LogoThis first StarCraft II qualifier for the HwC Namibia cup is near. Support the Namibian StarCraft II community or come watch the live stream!

Cup starts Saturday, 28.07.2012 at 20:00 WAT (21:00 CEST).

1. Register at http://www.esl.eu/eu/sc2/register_player
2. Enter StarCraft 2 Nick#code (e.g. TheRogue#727) at http://www.esl.eu/eu/sc2/add_gameaccount/?type=sc2_bnet_eu
3. Sign up at http://www.esl.eu/eu/sc2/1on1/hwc_namibia_qualifier1/
4. In the 20 minutes before the cup’s starting time, check-in at

Live stream: http://live.hwc-clan.com

Special thanks go out to TheRogue, an awesome ESL admin for setting up the tournament and of course the ESL itself. ♥

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