StarCraft II 1v1 IeSF NESA Namibia Qualifiers 2012 Registration [Update]

[important] [Update: 17.07.2012]

The NESA group has disbanded and thus registration with NESA is no longer required. This is also no longer a qualifier for the IeSF. A trip to Korea can no longer be won. Namibian colours are also not awarded.[/important]

Here are all the details for registration. Hurry up, not much time left! Remember you can win Namibia colors and a paid trip to Korea to participate at the IeSF. Namibia fighting!

If you have problems of any kind please don’t hesitate to contact us. [email protected]

1. Register as a player with NESA:
2. Register with NESA to participate in the StarCraft II Tournement:
3. Register at
4. Enter StarCraft 2 Nick#code (e.g. TheRogue#727) at
5. Sign up at
5. Sign up at
6. In the 20 minutes before the cup’s starting time, check-in at

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  1. Hurry up! Registration with NESA closes on the 21.07.2012!
    [Edit: No longer applicable]

  2. Haha well, so much for our reg fees :>

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