WCS EU Qualifer #3: OomJan gives up his spot


Even in the third WCS EU qualifier the bracket are filled in a matter of seconds. OomJan got a spot. In the ESL IRC chat morroW was looking for people to give up spots to let the players RunA and Bischu play. OomJan took the call and gave up his spot. Another player Threo did the same.

Brackets: http://www.esl.eu/eu/sc2/wcs/2013season1_qualifier3/rankings/
RunA: http://www.esl.eu/eu/sc2/wcs/2013season1_qualifier3/player/2252768/

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Monobattle with HuskyStarcraft

huskystarcraftOomJan plays a monobattle against HuskyStarcraft and his fans.

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StarCraft 2 – Tyelander Ends OomJan Streak

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Source: StarCraft 2 – Tyelander Ends OomJan Streak. by Jon Parsons

The StarCraft 2 DGL 2013 Summer Playoffs are underway and already things are beginning to heat up. Last night, Tye ‘Tyelander’ Walker bested Kevin ‘OomJan’ Gardthausen to hand him his first defeat since the start of the Summer Leg.

Walker was able to best Gardthausen 2 – 0 and secure a vital four points and sit comfortably at the top of Group C. Gardthausen managed to finish top of his group, undefeated, during the Summer Leg while Walker suffered his only loss to Liam ‘vortex’ Norman.

Norman was also in action taking Lourens ‘Roorinsu’ van Heerden 2 – 0 to continue his own undefeated streak and take the lead in Group D

“Both games were challenging but I had fun,” says Walker.

“The first game was rather even on Cloud Kingdom LE but I managed to take the lead after I maxed my unit composition. His [OomJan] defence was good was I was able to overpower him and smash through for the win”.

“Good luck to OomJan for the rest of the Playoffs”.

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Do Gaming League Summer 2013 Play-offs

Do Gaming League LogoHere are all the matches concerning HwC players.

For the entire League please visit the DGL website:

StarCraft 1v1 First Division Play-offs: http://www.dogamingleague.co.za/stage.php?id=575
StarCraft 2v2 Premier Play-offs: http://www.dogamingleague.co.za/stage.php?id=577

glhf to all players!

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StarCraft 2 Elite Head To Playoffs

Do Gaming LeagueSource: StarCraft 2 Elite Head To Playoffs by Jon Parsons


The Telkom StarCraft 2 Do Gaming League (DGL) Summer Leg has officially reached its end after eight weeks of blood, sweat and a serious lack of Vespine Gas to the brain and the top players from each group will be heading into the playoffs.

Both the Premier Division Playoff and the First Division Playoff are scheduled to begin on 3 April and will be contested under Wings of Liberty. The StarCraft 2 Playoffs will follow a Best-of-Three (Bo3) format with competitors split into Round Robin groups.
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Play on all StarCraft 2 Realms

[notice]No longer required since patch v2.0.5[/notice]

SC2 Region Login ScreenWith the new v2.04 StarCraft II patch there comes global play but how do I login to those realms?

Here is the solution:

Download this file below (regions.xml) and save it were your StarCraft game is (StarCraft II.exe). Now startup StarCraft II and a new region button should appear on the left of the login screen.




[wpfilebase tag=file id=1 tpl=download-button /]

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SC 2 Clan War Fatal Four-Way

Source: SC 2 Clan War Fatal Four-Way by Jon Parsons

Starcraft 2 features some of the largest events on the competitive scene and with over 160 individual players registered for the Telkom Do Gaming (DGL) 2013 Summer Leg, the community is only growing.

The Starcraft 2 community has also shown tremendous initiative with events like Polarfluke and now a series of ‘Clan Wars’ between Super Serial Gamers (SSG), Aura Gaming (AURA), Veneration E-Sports (VnR) and Deviation Gaming (DvG).

The ‘War’ began on Monday, 4 February and will take place across the next five weeks in a series of friendly matches until one clan stands above the rest. Each match-up is designed to place opponents of equal skill against each other as they represent their respective clans.
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[ClanWar 2013] Game 4 HwCOomJan (P) vs SkyKing (P)

ClanWar 2013 – HwC vs AuRa

Casted by FuzzyOne (http://en.twitch.tv/fuzzyonescii)

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[ClanWar 2013] Game 5 MissionDC vs HwCOomJan

ClanWar 2013 – HwC vs AuRa

Casted by FuzzyOne (http://en.twitch.tv/fuzzyonescii)

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[ClanWar 2013] Game 3 MackyBoi (T) vs HwCOomJan (P)

ClanWar 2013 – HwC vs AuRa

Casted by FuzzyOne (http://en.twitch.tv/fuzzyonescii)

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