The Oom is coming to Namibia!

I have made arrangements to come to Namibia in May 2012. During may stay from 12.05.2012 and 25.05.2012 I will be drinking all of your Tafel Lager (Best Beer there is!).

I will be landing in Windhoek where my good friend pointeggs and possible bliXim and snotKan0n will be picking me up and then go camping. During most of my stay I will be in Swakopmund. If you like to grab a drink, have a braai on a dune or make a LAN, count me in! =D

For more details, I have set up the event here:

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  1. we shud have a mini LAN and some brewskis 😀

  2. Only a mini LAN? 😉 Most definately!

  3. or at least us coastal guys 😀

  4. We should make a Lan like last time at SWK , THAT would be VERY awesome

  5. I’m for the LAN, but I was thinking of a massive national “Welcome Uncle Kev” LAN. I’ll definably contriboot if that was going down 🙂

  6. I would also Pay dubble for that lan , let HWC and Other Clans come together Once more , PLEASE? So that we can show our CS skills again 🙂

  7. Really in the mood for some CS ^^

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