SC 2 Clan War Fatal Four-Way

Source: SC 2 Clan War Fatal Four-Way by Jon Parsons

Starcraft 2 features some of the largest events on the competitive scene and with over 160 individual players registered for the Telkom Do Gaming (DGL) 2013 Summer Leg, the community is only growing.

The Starcraft 2 community has also shown tremendous initiative with events like Polarfluke and now a series of ‘Clan Wars’ between Super Serial Gamers (SSG), Aura Gaming (AURA), Veneration E-Sports (VnR) and Deviation Gaming (DvG).

The ‘War’ began on Monday, 4 February and will take place across the next five weeks in a series of friendly matches until one clan stands above the rest. Each match-up is designed to place opponents of equal skill against each other as they represent their respective clans.
Interestingly, the competition follows an All-Kill Format. The basic concept of this format is that the winner ‘stays on’ with the complete team line-up announced prior to the match.

After the game between the first two players, the winner will play again. A player, who is chosen instantly after the match to challenge the winner of Game one, replaces the loser. This goes on until the victor is determined.

The All-Kill format for this particular competition is played as first to five. That means the first team achieving five victories is declared the winner of the match.

With SSG, AURA, VnR and DvG fielding 11, 6, and 15 players in the DGL respectively, this presents a series of highly contested match-ups between familiar opponents; and with additional pressures of the league environment removed and pride at stake, the outcome could prove to be very interesting.

Robert ‘Logan’ Openshaw, Leader of Deviation Gaming, says that he is hoping for a great outcome.

“Currently the DGL StarCraft II is not entirely a team sport, and it’s also not a premier game. We’re hoping that enough groups will start to show interest and maybe open the doors for competitive team play. There is a definite interest in these ‘wars’, so hopefully more groups will join. It’s a small start but the outcome could be huge,” he says.

VnR met DvG this week as each clan set their mid-league players against each other in the opening week of the competition.

The standing rivalry between VnR and DvG is already at an all-time high with players battling it out week in and week out in the DGL. Individual victories here will prove valuable going into the future league weeks.

Monday evening began with a Zerg vs. Zerg match on Daybreak between Dane ‘VnR|StormCrow’ Anderson and Jeanne-Pierre ‘ DvGǂ-ForEveR-‘ Barwise. Barwise got the better of Anderson after some aggressive play and faced Jonathan ‘ VnR|psitorn’ Hornby next.

The Terran quickly fell to some clever Nydus play and introduced fellow Terran Frikkie ‘ VnR|Frikster’ le Grange on Antiga Shipyard. A lack of map control would favour the Zerg and Barwise would go on to take the match, 3 – 0 to DvG.

Barwise retired due to other commitments and Werner ‘ DvGǂZiRaX’ Boshoff took his place against Gavin ‘ VnR|Nemisis’ Spangenberg in a PvP matchup on Ohana. The VnR player would surrender to some heavy Phoenix support and Ryan ‘ VnR|Betelgeuce’ Coghill pulled one back for VnR besting Boshoff.

Sadly, a power failure would bring an end to Coghill’s winning streak and the war ended 5 – 2 in favour of DvG.

It was an interesting contest between AURA and SSG with Nicholas ‘ auRa MackyBoi’ McLachlan taking down two SSG players before Chris ‘ [SSG] Slider’ Schoeman cleaned house to bring the final score to 5 – 2 in favour of SSG.

It’s since been confirmed that Handle with Care (HwC) have joined the fray and will face the wounded AURA next week, whilst SSG will face VnR with DvG on the bench.

In other news, DvG and VnR are at it again. Both clans will be pitting their Hi-Card players against each other in a series of friendly ‘warm-ups’ this Monday.

Catch all the action 20:00 on the 11 February at DvG Twitch.

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