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HwC Coastal LAN Entry Form 2015

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Rules! Read them!

  1. Have fun and play games!
  2. The HwC Coastal LAN is BYOC (bring your own cables, including power strips), the most commonly forgot cables are ethernet cables and power strips, don’t leave yours at home.
  3. Keep your area clean and throw away your trash.
  4. Be kind and courteous to your neighbours.
  5. UPDATE/DOWNLOAD YOUR GAMES BEFORE COMING TO THE LAN. We are running on very limited bandwidth and cannot afford to allow any downloading of any sort. If you are caught downloading, we will ask you to stop with one warning. After the warning you will be asked to turn off your PC.
  6. Only one monitor per-person. No larger than 30”.
  7. Turn off all downloads and fileshares. If you are caught using a file sharing program such as uTorrent, you will be asked to turn off your computer.
  8. No speakers, headphones only.
  9. Plug in your power strip into the main power strip at your table.
  10. Your computer can ONLY be plugged into your powers trip with the exception of laptops.
  11. Please DO NOT daisy chain power strips.
  12. Equipment lockdown. (Midnight to 6am) We have never had an issue with theft at past events, but to prevent anything from happening, no equipment is allowed to leave between 10pm and 6am without checking out with the registration desk. If you notice something missing please contact the registration desk.
  13. If you are becoming excessively unruly we will ask you to leave.
  14. If you lose power or internet for any reason DO NOT attempt to fix it yourself, contact a staff member.


Bring money, we are ordering Pizza on Saturday night and will be collecting orders and money at that time. You can also purchase drinks from the Bar inside the venue.

Wood, paper plates and serviettes will be supplied on Friday for the social braai. Bring your own meat.

Don’t forget your cables! They are so frequently forgotten it needs to be said again.

Bring a pillow and sleeping bag for those that want to sleep at the venue.

Registration (closes at 6pm on 27 April 2015)

Due to the limited seats, and the fact that it is a first come first serve event, your entry will only be secure on payment before or on 27 April 2015. Please email your prove of payment to [email protected]


  • 1 May
    • Doors open 9:00
    • Setup PC
    • Registrations open 10:00
    • Play friendly and warm up matches for those that want to
    • Registration closes 13:30
    • Opening 14:00
    • First game at 14:40
    • Braai ready from 20:00
  • 2 May – Lan start at 10:00. Program for the day announce.
  • 3 May – Lan start at 10:00. Program for the day announce for the finals matches
  • 4 May – Fun day


Registration closed!

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