[WCG 2011 Namibia Qualifier Finals] – Finals – wern (P) -vs- cYanIDE (P) – G1 (Bo5)

The Silver Protoss wern versus the Platinum Protoss cYanIDE. wern has an advantage from the winners bracket against cYanIDE. So the game starts of 1:0 for wern.

Game 1 in a best of 5.

Tournament: http://ww.esl.eu/eu/sc2/1on1/wcg_2011_namibia_finals/
Match: http://ww.esl.eu/eu/sc2/1on1/wcg_2011_namibia_finals/match/24358963/
Clan [HwC] (my clan): http://www.facebook.com/groups/handlewithcare/

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